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Do you have what it takes to be a Research Consultant?


Nicole O' Connor, Research Consultant. Fastnet-The Talent Group

Nicole’s Top 5 Skills to become a successful Research Consultant


“Working as a research consultant for a top boutique talent consultancy requires many skills and attributes. It is a fun and rewarding job which allows me to work on my own initiative, networking with candidates and top clients in the Life science sector.”

Perseverance:  It’s important to never give up and to keep trying all possible avenues, again and again and again.  Research can be time consuming and frustrating when you can’t find the right people easily or when the perfect candidate doesn’t come back to you. 


A good memory:  Can you remember the name of that guy you met at that event two years ago who now would be perfect for that hard to fill role?  Was it Bob or John, or maybe it was Barbara actually, the woman with the experience in…? While there are always systems to back you up, it’s important to be able to remember details about the potential candidates and recall them when you need to.


Networking skills:  Are you ready to network?  Any place and anytime?  You never know when you are going to meet the perfect candidate so you need to always be ready to explain who you are and what you do.


Thinking outside the box:  With so many resources out there to find people, it may seem easy to locate the right candidate, but if it was that simple, companies would be doing it for themselves, not hiring you!  Finding creative ways to get the information you want is a key skill for the recruitment researcher. 


Curiosity:  You’ll need to be inquisitive.  You will have to be able to stay on top of the news across a number of different industries and countries as well as having a genuine interest in people and what they do and what they are looking to do in future.


If you think you have what it takes to be a Research ~consultant and are interested in working for a top boutique recuitment agency follow the link below to see our current vacancies.





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