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Fastnet First Hand: Unlocking Leadership Wisdom


'Fastnet First Hand: Unlocking Leadership Wisdom'  is a virtual roundtable discussion with C-suite leaders representing the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors – sharing experiences and insights first hand in a supportive environment. We recently held our first virtual event in the roundtable series with the topic 'The Strategic Role of HR in Driving Business Impact'. 

The purpose of these events is to share experiences and insights on relevant topics in the spirit of collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking. The roundtable serves as a platform for collective learning and the exchange of innovative ideas and perspectives, cultivating and nurturing the wisdom required for effective leadership in dynamic times. 

During this enlightening and dynamic discussion, the panel gave us great insight into organising for success in a strategic role, what business levers they focus on most to drive impact and how HR can lead the way in championing the people and business agenda.

Thanks again to our panellists for their frank, personal and invaluable insights. Thank you to our invited guests for attending. We look forward to seeing you at the next Fastnet First Hand Event – a new forum for Unlocking Leadership Wisdom

















Stay tuned for details of our next event with another great panel!

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