From a people perspective, what is happening right now in your organisation?


1.  What about employee outputs and real connection to the work that they are doing? What factors might be affecting productivity & engagement? As a site leadership team, is there a need to measure, analyze, improve and really sustain both, to genuinely “raise the bar”? 


2.  As an organisation either focused on the future or starting-up, is there a strategic desire for end-to-end talent management design or optimisation, including how you develop people? Tangible employee retention and competitive-edge opportunity both await here.


3.  In your company, are new capabilities, skillsets and role requirements driving the need for more upskilling, rotation & succession? In tandem with this, in a rapidly-changing commercial environment, might redundancy feature? Also, how do you approach retirement?    


Whichever scenario is currently most-urgent for your organisation, the Fastnet Talent & Transformation team is here to partner with you on accelerating significant positive impacts via robustly figuring all out, optimising, and keeping everything that way. Some recent relevant data-points for our consideration:    


"…44% of employee respondents are likely to move jobs in the next 18 months, while half of employers surveyed said that it was necessary for them to search internationally to secure leadership talent…"

(Fastnet – The Talent Group Survey, January 2017) Retention & recruitment risk.


"...a one-point shift in the quality of management practices had the same impact on productivity as a 25% increase in labour employed and a 65% increase in capital investment..."

(London Centre for Economic Performance & Productivity and McKinsey, 2007; CIPD, October 2016) Productivity optimisation opportunity.


"…a one-point positive shift in the satisfaction ratings of employees was associated with a +8% higher market valuation and +52% higher profitability…"

(University of Kansas, 2015) Engagement optimisation opportunity.


In today’s economy, competition is rife again not only to find, but to keep talent. And not just the traditional sense of ‘top’ talent either. The current war for talent 2.0, with need for speed and great data, will be followed by a world of work featuring operational automation, the gig economy and longer working lives. New jobs will be created, requiring skillsets that have not featured previously, and what will really mark a successful organisation is its ability to create value through its people.


En route to this, factors like new technologies, changing approaches to work etc. are continually evolving how talent must be attracted, managed, developed, engaged and retained. What was once a sequence of events is now an ongoing process, that begins even before there are identified hiring needs, and continues beyond the duration of working involvement with the organisation.


As an established operation, are you experiencing organisational challenges around employee engagement, retention, recruitment or productivity? As a start-up, would you like to avoid same?


In busy times, but given the evolving landscape, close collaboration with a trusted partner in accelerating end-to-end talent management analysis or design, optimisation and sustainment will:


  • Tangibly improve engagement, retention & recruitment
  • Positively impact on company outputs
  • Create more brand/competitive edge


This is an ongoing journey, and can sometimes feel overwhelming with much else ongoing, so many other operational demands on HR, site leadership teams etc. Per above, it needs to start with what is most urgent for you right now. We would be delighted to start helping you figure that out.  


The Fastnet Talent & Transformation Team

Steered by Director Dave Barry’s extensive talent, HR and organisation development experience (particularly Eli Lilly and Trend Micro), the Fastnet Talent & Transformation team utilises a collaborative, data-driven and organisational Lean Six Sigma approach, focused on sustainment. Assisting you drive even more leadership capability, workforce performance & productivity, and engagement & wellbeing, is truly our passion.


As a “taster” of our solutions, we also run introductory Talent & Transformation presentations, workshops and/or training, each tailored to your organisation and talent management scenarios.  

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