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Fastnet Embraces New Video Technology for Best in Class Inhouse...
In recent years, all digital and social media platforms have realised the power of video for their audiences. They have incorporated video as a key format to disseminate key information fast, and a tool to attract the attention of their audiences.  Video is by far the best format for engagement, reach and raising ...
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When Technology Meets Life Sciences – Great Careers are Born.
Ireland has gained its position as one of the top technology hubs in Europe. Over the past decade we have seen multinationals investing millions into the country’s economy and turning the population into tech experts. With IT courses in popular demand in all of the top universities and IT’s in the coun...
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Impact of Technology on Work/Life Balance
We recently examined the impact technology has on our work life balance – and our findings suggest it is not for the best. In the 1930s, economist John Maynard Keynes confidently predicted modern technology would deliver a 15-hour working week, with people choosing more leisure as their material needs were satis...
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Technology Supports A Healthy Work-Life Balance – Right?
The world of HR and recruitment has been revolutionised since I first started on this career path nearly twenty years ago! – The rate of change over that period has been really phenomenal. At the risk of stating the obvious, technology has probably been the single biggest driver of change over this period and it ...
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