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Attracting Talent to Life Science Organisations in Ireland
By Jennifer O' Brien A McKinsey Global Institute study predicted correctly that employers in North America and Europe will demand eighteen million more third-level educated workers than will be available in 2020. Even throughout the COVID pandemic, we can see the demand for highly skilled talent remains. This wi...
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Reflections on International Candidate Mobility
As part of our Fastnet blog series, I have been asked to share some insights with you from my recent master’s degree thesis in International Business, completed at Cork Institute of Technology in 2019. In 2017, I began the Master’s in International business as a part-time evening student, supported by ...
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The Journey of Strategic Talent Management- Jennifer O' Brien
Last week, I began my series of articles to delve into the topic covered in my MA HRM thesis. The thesis focused on the extent to which Strategic Talent Management is understood, and properly utilised, in the Life Science Sector in Ireland. I chose this sector as the focus of the study due to the significant presence o...
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Strategic Talent Management within Ireland’s Life Science Sec...
In 2016, I began a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management with Cork Institute of Technology, now Munster Technical University. Throughout my time in this degree programme, as well as my work with Fastnet – The Talent Group, I became very interested in the concept of Strategic Talent Management and how...
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Eoin Burke-Kennedy had a recent article in The Irish Times captioned ‘Irish exports hit record €15.7bn in March as demand for medicines surges’. Quoting the latest figures from the CSO he went on to advise that: “goods exports rose by €4.3 billion or 38 per cent in the space of one month in ...
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Therese Keohane, BUL at Fastnet, discusses recruiting for the L...
Our professional and personal lives were transformed by Leo Varadkar’s announcement on March 13th. Working in recruitment, I constantly have discussions with clients and candidates on traits such as flexibility, being adaptable or a self-starter, dealing with difficult situations; but I never would have thought t...
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Staying Connected While Working from Home- our Marketing Execut...
In November 2019, I returned to work after taking a 3-year break to care for my young family. While I loved being with the children, motherhood is hard work and I missed the social interaction you get from being part of a team. I also missed working in marketing. I missed the intellectual stimulation. Suffering the sa...
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Deirdre Duboy- An exciting 5 years at Fastnet-The Talent Group
Fastnet Talent Consultant, Deirdre Duboy, recently featured in The Evening Echo's Women On Wednesday feature. Read the inspirational interview here:​ Talent Consultant, Quality and Laboratory - Fastnet - The Talent Group, Deirdre Duboy tells us about her role, in our My Career column Name: Deirdre Duboy...
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Fastnet COVID-19 Update : We are here for you
Given the uncertainty posed by the spread of COVID-19, I want to let you know what we are doing at Fastnet to protect our people and to ensure we to continue to deliver the highest level of service to you. Fastnet is well placed to be fully operational during this crisis. Our Dublin and Cork offices have closed tempor...
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