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FASTNET FIRST-HAND- Lockdown 2.0-The Importance of Empathy
Back in March, when a global pandemic chased us out of our offices, I can say with all honesty, I found myself feeling more overwhelmed than ever before. Like so many, I was working from home, whilst caring for and homeschooling my 3 kids (although ‘home-schooling’ is very generous for what we managed to ac...
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FASTNET FIRST-HAND- Diversity within the Executive Search Proce...
By Nicole Ueland-O' Connor Following on from my first article on international candidate mobility, in this article I will explore the issue of diversity within the executive search process as it was one of the themes I examined in my recent thesis for my Master’s in International Business at Cork Institute o...
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FASTNET FIRST-HAND: Introducing Danielle Francois, Lead Talent ...
In conversation with Elaine Harrington; Welcome to the team, Danielle! You are the first member of the team to join remotely. How have the last 4 weeks been? "It has been a different experience for sure, you miss out on quite a lot of the social aspect of work and onboarding into a new company when you do n...
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Engaging Talent in Life Science Organisations
By Jennifer O'Brien From an organisational perspective, engagement is the ‘engine of the vehicle’. It begins long before the employment contract is signed and continues right throughout the employee lifecycle. To give an overarching view on employee engagement, it can be carved into three areas; cogn...
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Developing Talent in Life Science Organisations – Challenging...
By Jennifer O' Brien Recently, the concept of a traditional career is being challenged, which in turn is steering companies toward constant learning experiences that allow employees to build skills quickly, easily, and on their terms. These new learning models are challenging the traditional concept of a static ca...
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Managing Talent within the Life Science Sector in Ireland
By Jennifer O'Brien We have all heard the age-old saying that people leave managers, not organisations. Historic and recent literature both stress the need to hold Line Managers accountable for talent. But, is this the case? Should a portion of the blame not fall on the shoulders of HR, and the organisation alike?...
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Attracting Talent to Life Science Organisations in Ireland
By Jennifer O' Brien A McKinsey Global Institute study predicted correctly that employers in North America and Europe will demand eighteen million more third-level educated workers than will be available in 2020. Even throughout the COVID pandemic, we can see the demand for highly skilled talent remains. This wi...
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Reflections on International Candidate Mobility
As part of our Fastnet blog series, I have been asked to share some insights with you from my recent master’s degree thesis in International Business, completed at Cork Institute of Technology in 2019. In 2017, I began the Master’s in International business as a part-time evening student, supported by ...
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The Journey of Strategic Talent Management- Jennifer O' Brien
Last week, I began my series of articles to delve into the topic covered in my MA HRM thesis. The thesis focused on the extent to which Strategic Talent Management is understood, and properly utilised, in the Life Science Sector in Ireland. I chose this sector as the focus of the study due to the significant presence o...
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