Is there broad awareness of your company, and what it’s like to work there? Is HR experiencing challenges with attracting a high volume of candidates, and filling roles? Would you like your recruitment process and candidate experience to be experienced as best-in-class?


We use our recruitment experience and talent management expertise to assist you increase your brand (both talent and employer), attract more candidates, streamline recruitment processes, enhance candidate experience, and ultimately improve quality of hire.


Whether an interim or longer-term business need, Fastnet – The Talent Group can work with you to outsource all of your Talent Acquisition function to us, or work in conjunction with your existing HR and TA teams. We tailor our offerings to ensure each element complements your existing expertise.


We can provide you with an on or off-site recruiter to lead and coordinate a staffing project on your behalf. During peak periods, this allows you to engage specialised resources, combining focus and speed to optimise outcomes. This project-based approach allows our clients the flexibility to significantly-enhance their hiring capability when required, without investing in and training additional direct resources.


We don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’ at Fastnet – The Talent Group. Each situation is unique, and different clients have different priorities and expectations. We work with you to design the outsourced solution that will deliver the greatest business benefit.


Combining extensive recruitment experience and leading talent management expertise, we can deliver an integrated holistic RPO/Brand solution for the specific needs of your business.


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