• Executive Career Transition or Outplacement - Tailored 1:1 programmes for Senior Managers
  • Career Transition or Outplacement Workshops - Bespoke group programmes
  • Career Transition or Outplacement 1:1 Programmes - Tailored 1:1 support

Career Transition

In today’s ever-transforming workplace, new capabilities, skillsets and role requirements are really driving the need for more upskilling, rotation and succession. Even the most talented of employees can often need coaching either in advance or during these internal moves. Our Career Transition solution focuses on support, change management, and capability validation, all targeted towards driving optimal talent development success.



In tandem with the above, in a rapidly-changing commercial environment where business re-engineering and redundancy has become a norm, many firms are being confronted with managing significant change and the consequent impact on their staff. Also in-scope here is retirement, and the emotional journey en route to. Our Outplacement solution focuses on support, change management, and robust preparation for next phases.   


Whether career transition or outplacement, many highly-capable individuals and groups are faced with major career-changing decisions with increasing frequency as firms are forced to upskill, reorganize or downsize. This can be a traumatic process for all stakeholders: senior managers who have to make and communicate the decisions; employees who face internal change or redundancy in the context of a highly competitive job market, and other colleagues who retain their existing jobs, but may be demotivated as a result of the changes.


Fastnet Career Transition & Outplacement Services is designed to provide a highly-professional and structured support service to firms and individuals as they work through the challenges associated with significant career change, either within the organisation or outside. All career transition solutions are tailored to the individual client’s needs, and focus on providing relevant and practical support and counselling during a time of uncertainty and insecurity.


Utilising 1:1 programmes and/or group workshops, Fastnet Career Transition & Outplacement Services works with HR Managers and impacted employees to effectively manage the transition process in terms of planning, communication, coaching, support and counselling. We also provide onsite clinics for short or extended periods, where an experienced consultant is based onsite with our client to provide timely and practical support as required.


Why utilise Career Transition & Outplacement Services?

Offering professional career transition support to impacted employees helps promote positivity in challenging transformational situations, and is in line with best practice. It helps individuals/groups deal with the issues in a positive and pragmatic manner, and builds a more positive outlook among all stakeholders – colleagues, customers and investors.


Why Fastnet?

We tailor our solutions to meet your requirements. We have extensive industry experience, and will readily-understand the challenges faced by managers and employees looking at alternative career options, either internal or external. Our unique knowledge of the job market, the requirements of potential employers, detailed insights into varying selection processes, and extensive recruitment experience provide us a distinct edge in supporting clients during the following career change processes:


  • Talent upskilling, rotation or succession (Career Transition)
  • Retirement (Outplacement)
  • Redundancy (Outplacement) 

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