Connecting with Contractors – ‘Voice of the Customer’

By: Laura Curtin | Posted on: 25 Jan 2019

Connecting with Contractors – ‘Voice of the Customer’

As workplaces continue to become more agile & flexible, demand for contractors is growing at Fastnet. Clients increasingly require contract colleagues to provide specialist skills for specific projects, to support peak periods or to cover short & long-term leave continues to increase. 


For contractors, these opportunities offer great independence and flexibility and the potential to work on a variety of projects, with leading companies, across different industries, cultures and locations. At Fastnet, we aim to optimise the experience of all our contractors.


Fastnet conducted a number of focus groups and 1-1 interviews with contractors during November and December. All focus group participants actively engagement in the sessions, bringing valuable insights to the facilitators. 


Based on the outputs from the focus groups, an online survey was distributed to all Fastnet contractors in early January to obtain their opinion on several communications options. These range from communications channels most favoured by contractors, to relevant content they would like to receive from Fastnet. 


This information will help shape Fastnet’s Contractor Communications and Engagement Strategy for the next 18 months.

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