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Chemical Engineer

Claire McGuckin
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Job Reference: 1AA_1655280695


Process Development Engineer


  • Working within a research team, support the planning, organising and delivery of R&D pharmaceutical and/or biopharmaceutical research projects.
  • Develop pharmaceutical and/or biopharmaceutical scale-up and optimisation strategies through the application of engineering workflows and modelling tools which support the successful tech transfer of the final product to our partners.
  • Create scale down pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes to understand and optimise large scale operations.
  • Prepare and review technical presentations and report material, and present the issues, results and project progress to clients as required.
  • Based on project needs, develop, and introduce new techniques, methods, and processes to improve business effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate the use of problem-solving skills requiring the application of engineering principles, calculations, and computational methods in approaching technical challenges.
  • Where applicable, coach mentor and train junior team members.
  • Provide R&D laboratory support across clients Small and/or Large Molecule portfolios through collaboration with scientists and engineers, both internally and externally.
  • Perform process development work on Small or Large Molecule unit operations.
  • Ensure that operation to GLP standard within an R&D laboratory is always maintained.
  • Monitor, develop and optimise pharmaceutical and/or biopharmaceutical reaction and purification unit processes.
  • Where applicable, support the execution of commercial and innovation R&D projects using engineering modelling tools such as CFD, Matlab, Python, MVDA, Dynochem etc.


  • PhD Chemical or Bio-Engineering or related area; or MSc in Chemical or Bio-Engineering or related area; or Bachelors in Chemical or Bio-Engineering or related area.
  • Minimum of 2+ years industry experience in pharmaceutical and/or biopharmaceutical process research and development.
  • Experience in pharmaceutical /biopharmaceutical Engineering
  • Proficient in PAT for the development of pharmaceutical/Bio-Pharmaceutical processes (FBRM, ATR-FTIR, Raman etc)
  • Experience in the use of statistical analysis and data-driven computational methods
  • Skilled in the application of chemical engineering fundamentals (Process and/or reaction modelling)
  • Good understanding of DoE and QbD for process development
  • Background and grounding in MATLAB, DynoChem, Python, CFD, MVDA and JMP.

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