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Below is a list of questions frequently asked by contractors. 

Who is my contact at Fastnet?

You will engage with a Fastnet talent consultant when seeking a contract role.  When placed in a role, you will receive full payroll, HR and general query support from our dedicated and experienced Contract Solutions team for the duration of your contract.

What models of contracting are available to me?

The majority of contractors operate under the PAYE model.  You are issued a contract of employment and become a Fastnet employee for the duration of your contract.  The Limited Company model has become popular in particular with long term contractors. If a client company accepts this model then Fastnet partner with leading accountancy firms to facilitate the contractor setting up a Limited Company.  Our Contract Solutions team is available to guide you through the process.  

How much will I get paid?

As a PAYE contract employee, you can expect the same salary as those who are employed as a permanent employee with the client. A member of the Contract Solutions Team will discuss this with you prior to starting your contract.

How and when will I get paid?

Our Contract Solutions team will advise you on the payment process prior to starting your new role.  This will include providing information on payment dates, how to fill out your timesheet, submission deadlines and any other relevant administrative processes you need to be aware.  Payment is by direct bank transfer.  

What if I am unable to go to work?

There may be times during your contract when you are unable to work.  You are expected to phone your line manager to inform them that you will not be attending work as close to the start of the day / shift as possible.  You will also need to inform a member of our Contract Solutions team. 

How long will my contract last?

Initially the length of your contract is specified by our client company and communicated to you before you start.  Our Contract Solutions team will engage with our client company towards the end of the initial contract to determine if the contract is going to be extended and will support you throughout this process.  If a client company confirms any contract changes directly to you, then you must let the Contract Solutions team know as soon as possible. 

Can I look for permanent work while contracting?

Once you know that your contract is coming to an end, our team will be available to discuss opportunities with you and assist in sourcing another suitable contract or permanent role for you.

Is there a pension scheme for contractors?

Fastnet facilitates a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) for PAYE contractors where a portion of your earnings are deducted from payroll and transferred to your PRSA.  We partner with Invesco for the provision of this service.  For more information on PRSAs please talk to a member of our Contract Solutions team.

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