For our clients, with the best business planning and headcount forecasting in the world, unexpected interim, periodic or project people needs often materialize, on which our Recruitment and Contract Services teams here at Fastnet collaborate. 

Additionally, there can also be organizational drivers to outsource the management of all contract resources, which would be Fastnet Managed Services. 

Whichever of these scenarios arise, the importance of collaborating with a trusted partner on providing stellar contract solutions cannot be underestimated.

On the candidate side, there are many tangible benefits to contracting versus permanency, particularly around development, flexibility and reward. Contracting also provides valuable insights into different company cultures, networks and ways of working. In the current ‘gig economy’ and all the positives of same, is this something you have considered? 

In 2018, Fastnet – The Talent Group completed a Contracting Talent Management project i.e. from each of client, Fastnet and contractor perspectives, ensuring that our contractors are hired, managed, developed, engaged and retained in the best possible ways e.g. 

  • Contractor Attraction: optimal Fastnet onboarding for speedier productivity all-round
  • Contractor Management: Fastnet performance models for contribution optimisation
  • Contractor Development: Fastnet learning content for flexible contractor capability
  • Contractor Engagement: regular Fastnet comms for robust contractor connectivity  
  • Contractor Retention: partnering around pay etc., for lower contractor turnover 

Should you wish to hear more about Fastnet – The Talent Group’s client Contract Solutions (Managed Services or Contract Services) and candidate contracting opportunities, please do not hesitate to Call us now