My First Few Months at Fastnet - Meet TJ the latest addition to our Quality & Laboratory Team.

My First Few Months at Fastnet - Meet TJ the latest addition to our Quality & Laboratory Team.


I joined Fastnet- The Talent Group in February 2018 as part of Quality and Lab team. Prior to joining Fastnet, I worked as a Customer Service Specialist in Cork. Having worked in a customer focused environment for almost 2 years, I understand the importance of building relationships and working with clients and candidates to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved. 

As 2017 came to a close, I decided it was time to take control of my career and concentrate on finding the right role for me - a role in which I could utilise my organisational skills, interpersonal skills as well as my passion for reaching goals and working as part of a team.

 I saw the vacancy advertised for a Talent Consultant position on the Fastnet website. I applied for this position and was called in for the first round interview where I met with Eimhin, the managing partner. She briefly explained the position and what it entails. Eimhin spent time discussing my work experience and educational qualifications. I was given the opportunity to express my ambitions and we spoke about the opportunities working with Fastnet.

 Within the next few days I was called in for the second round interview, where I was asked competency-based questions. This time I met Claire McGuckin and Jill Madden, Business Unit Leads within the company. This interview was more in depth and required me to have a better understanding of the company as well as the recruitment sector. Jill and Claire were extremely open to any questions I had and gave a detailed description of what the role would entail. By the end of this interview and having had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the company and the sector, I felt prepared and confident when I was asked to attend a third round interview which was a presentation in front of the managing partners of the company.

I was offered the job on the same day and I was delighted with the news! 

On my first day at Fastnet I was given a warm welcome by Claire – my business unit lead. She introduced me to everyone in the office, explaining the different units and roles of each of the departments.  I was shown to my desk and my email and account details had already been organised. I was ready to go!

 In my first week here, I was focusing on the BioPharma industry and the major players in the market. I was given all the help and resources needed to help me understand my job and to meet my targets. Various consultants and colleagues working in the other departments were keen to lend a hand and answer any questions I had.

I enjoy researching and seeking top candidates for quality roles in the life science sector. Matching a candidate to their dream job is something I aspire to do and hope to be doing in the very near future. With a clear plan set out for my training and development over the next few months, I know I will be achieving both my personal and professional goals here at Fastnet-The Talent Group and I am looking forward to taking on the challenge.


To learn more about TJ you can read her  Bio here.










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