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Why Hire Graduates?


At Fastnet, our 3 core values underpin all our behaviours and interactions with stakeholders:  


        Integrity          Partnering- The Fastnet Way       Entrepreneurial Spirit


Therefore when it comes to identifying new talent for our offices in Dublin & Cork we endeavour to attract colleagues who identify and connect with our values.


“Fastnet is passionate about attracting the best people to join the growing organisation and in line with our values, a commitment to partnering for the long-term, customer focus and entrepreneurial spirt is something we always look for in attracting new colleagues. In today’s economy, competition is rife not only to find, but to retain and engage talent. At Fastnet, we encourage all colleagues to think independently and put great ideas into action. It’s about being agile and empowered, never complacent.  In order to optimise outcomes for our clients and candidates we require people who are questioning, creative, passionate, tenacious and resilient” said Niamh O’Driscoll, Managing Partner.


In 2017 we launched our very own 'Grow Your Own Graduate' Programme and currently have two graduates, Ryan Malone and Sana Govender  working with the Engineering and Quality & Laboratory Talent Acquisition Teams. Our Graduate Programme is proving to be a great success and we are now seeking two additional graduates to join our team. 


So here it is, why we hire graduates and why we believe all organisations, whether they are global giants or SME’s should consider a graduate programme as part of their Talent Management strategy:


1. Adaptable & Creative

Graduates live in a world that is ever changing and they have developed skills and agility required to navigate these changes successfully. They relish taking on new challenges and projects and regularly propose innovative ideas and strategies. In an increasingly automated world, creativity is coveted.


2. Tech Savy

When it comes to technology millennials always seem to be one step ahead of the game. They have grown up in a world where smart phones, computers and software have led the way in innovation and adaptation. Graduates are up to date with the latest tech trends and are always very hands on when it comes to using applications, social media and other digital marketing applications and software.


3.Ready to mould

Graduates are enthusiastic and have a keen willingness to learn. They like to be mentored and enjoy learning tricks of the trade from people they aspire to be. They are adaptable and have no bad habits! They embrace the organisation’s core values and way of working.


4.Graduates are the future!

Hiring graduates is a great way to build a sustainable talent pipeline and to secure the future of your organisation. Graduates will bring fresh perspective and if provided with a roadmap for development, you could be creating and nurturing future leaders.



If you are interested in applying for our Graduate Programme or require more information click here 



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