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The Biopharma sector continues to grow


According to the IDA, over the last 10 years’ the Biopharmaceutical industry has seen an approximate $10 billion investment into Ireland with sites such as BioMarin, BMS and Regeneron setting up large manufacturing facilities.  From 2 dynamic growth biologics sites in Ireland in 2003 to 20 in 2018, this represents close to the biggest wave of investment in new biotech facilities anywhere in the world.

Martin Shannon, CEO IDA Ireland, stated: “Our business-friendly environment, education levels, ability to attract and retain talent, flexibility of our workforce, policy predictability and skilled workforce are all areas that investors refer to when they choose Ireland as an investment location”.

Overview of the Biopharmaceutical industry video.

In the last month,

Certainly the Biopharmaceutical industry is thriving. 

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