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Overcoming The Odds – Meet the Blind Recruiter David Hume


The idea of applying for a new job can fill you with excitement or anxiety. The excitement is obvious, but anxiety may arise from stepping outside your comfort zone.

“Maybe I’m not up to the challenge”
“I don’t think I have those skills”
“What about my financial commitments?”

But then you come across a story like the one of David Hume.

David Hume – The Blind Recruiter

David Hume is a recruiter and Principal of an executive search firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Blind since birth David unfortunately had the odds stacked against him for breaking through into many professions. The excuses he could have made will definitely outnumber mine or yours. However reading his story makes you realise any excuses we make for not chasing the career move we crave is pretty much irrelevant.

David’s achievements have been highlighted by a LinkedIn Talent Blog post by Stephanie Howell. In it David highlights what strengths he took out of his disability.

“I get an advantage in recruitment because I am not hung up on a person’s presentation. Each person has an aura based on the way they present themselves verbally.”

Relationships & Opportunities

In the interview David also humbly states he, the same as anyone else, cannot go and conquer the world alone “I am not self-made. I found the right people at crucial times in my life who worked with me to make a difference”. Another gentle reminder for us to act on certain opportunities when they actually do arise.

But an opportunity is not just restricted to changing jobs, it can also be about making the best of what’s available to you in your current position. Be it learning new technology, taking on new responsibilities or a changing your work environment. David states that it is all about your frame of mind. Two thought processes he views as essential are.

1) Thinking Of Obstacles As Opportunities
2) Having Some Self Doubt

“I have self doubt everyday of my life. If you don’t have doubts and insecurity, you can’t maximize your success.”

His 30 year career as a recruiter is fuelled by his passion for the job. Like all recruiters David is sincerely interested in placing the right candidate who can make a lasting impact on a business. His closing quote sums up perfectly what a company’s greatest asset is.

“The only thing that matters in business is people. If you have the people, the world is your oyster.”

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