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Meet the Fastnet Team - Edgar Strakovskij


Recruitment is a profession which attracts a wide range of people from numerous backgrounds.  It is a dynamic, competitive, fun and rewarding sector, with a varied nature of work and great benefits.  There are lots of reasons why people choose to join the industry; some have a natural leaning towards recruitment and others ‘fall into it’, while many see it as a means to develop new skills, progress their career and have a good work life balance.  

For our colleague Edgar Strakovskij, Talent Consultant with our Engineering team, it was the opportunity to apply his Applied Sciences educational background to his current role and gain experience of working with the Life Sciences sector.

Edgar has a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Pharmaceutical Chemistry with Quality Assurance.  Before joining Fastnet – The Talent Group® in 2018, Edgar initially worked with Amazon’s Technical Support team and then moved onto one of the company’s Talent Acquisition teams.  Wanting to further develop his recruitment experience, he joined Morgan McKingley as a Talent Acquisition Consultant.   


Edgar, why did you decide to join Fastnet – The Talent Group®?

I was approached directly by a talent consultant in Fastnet who outlined a great opportunity with the company to join the growing team of talent consultants.  I believed this would enable me to combine my existing recruitment experience with my pharmaceutical degree.  What appealed to me most about the company was the recruitment approach. The consultants that managed my process were professional, clear and efficient. They took the time to understand my experience and aspirations. I knew there and then that it would be an ideal culture fit.


Did you always want to work in recruitment? 

No, not at all. For lack of a better explanation, I sort of fell into it. I built up my experience dealing with customers and clients, building rapport and working relationships. Over time, this experience made it a natural transition to recruitment.


How has your technical experience benefitted your role as a talent consultant?

Coming from a technical background helps at the training stages of the role. It’s a knowledge shortcut and aids you to proficiency that bit quicker.


What is a typical day like for you?

My daily routine involves sourcing engineering candidates and effectively matching them to a suitable vacancy. Once a candidate’s interest is gauged, I proceed to bring them through the full recruitment cycle – essentially everything from that initial call to closing the contract negotiations.

There is no doubt that a  talent consultant is more than a mediator between two parties. While going through the recruitment process, candidates receive assistance with interview preparation, CV optimisation and a wealth of information regarding the client company they are applying to.

On the other hand, client relationships must be built and carefully maintained. Effective communication is by far the most important factor when it comes to building a collaborative partnership. Keeping the client up to date with the market trends and candidate pre-requisitions is a major part of the role.


What are you enjoying most about your role?

You will never be bored! No day, week or month is the same as the next. I enjoy the challenge and the sense of achievement I get within this dynamic environment. Recruitment consultancy has offered me a different avenue to utilise my skill set.

Also, my colleagues have played an important part.  From the initial sourcing call to being introduced to the company – the team has been nothing short of amazing. A very friendly and inclusive collective, more than willing to help you along the way in getting to know your role.


How would you describe your role as Talent Consultant?

Fast-paced, detailed, flexible, demanding, rewarding, focused.


What words of wisdom would you give a person thinking of recruitment as a career choice?

Recruitment is a pure form of sales in disguise. If you have the drive, determination and charisma to do right by your clients and candidates – you will do great in this industry.


If you are passionate about engineering, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and want to succeed, then recruitment could be the career choice for you. Fastnet – The Talent Group® currently has opportunities available to join our team. If you would like to learn more about our current vacancies and our #LifeAtFastnet, click here or contact Jennifer O’Brien at / +353 21 4509200.

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