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Life Sciences Talent Management – Are Dots Joining?



In today’s Irish life sciences sector, competition is rife again not only to find, but to keep talent. And not just the traditional sense of top talent either. The current ‘war for skills’, with need for speed and great data, will be followed by a world of work featuring operational automation, the gig economy and longer working lives. New jobs will be created, requiring skillsets that have not featured previously, and what will really mark a successful organisation is its ability to create value through its people.

For life sciences companies, factors like new technologies, changing approaches to work etc. are continually evolving how talent must be attracted, managed, developed, engaged and retained. What was once a sequence of events is now an ongoing process, that begins even before there are identified hiring needs, and continues beyond the duration of working involvement with the organisation.

In life sciences and other sectors, much experience and research has proven that companies who approach talent management in a strategic end-to-end way are the most successful ones. Ensuring that employees are hired, managed, developed, engaged and retained in the best possible ways will have positive knock-on impacts for each of these pieces, and build up to similar overall benefit for the organisation.

As the talent partner of choice in life sciences & food-agri since 1999, and with fellow Total Talent Solutions of recruitment, executive search and contract solutions, our Talent & Transformation team is currently partnering with existing and new clients in both sectors. Whether via Agile HR Support, Talent Management Collaboration or Talent Management Solutions, some of your competitors are really joining the dots now, and winning in the war for skills. Can your organisation afford not to?


Dave Barry, Director – Talent & Transformation 


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