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Ireland Ranked 1st in “Good Country” Index


Ireland has ranked first in the world in the inaugural “Good Country” index which measures how much each country on earth contributes to the planet and the human race.

An IDA statement describes the index and how as part of the survey, Ireland was ranked against its peers in terms of education, science, war and peace, trade and culture, health and censorship amongst others for a total of 35 indicators.

The findings are part of a worldwide assessment undertaken by Simon Anholt, an independent policy advisor who helps national, regional and city governments develop and implement strategies for enhanced economic, political and cultural engagement with other countries.

For the size of the Irish economy, Ireland’s combined global contributions to science and technology, culture, international peace and security outranked all other 124 countries included in the rankings.    

Barry O’Leary, CEO at IDA Ireland said: “Surveys like this one contribute to Ireland’s reputation abroad as a good place to live and do business.”

“The survey recognises Ireland’s open trading culture as well as the level of foreign direct investment that Ireland continues to enjoy.”

“Other factors that companies take into account when locating are also recognised here including each country’s “freedom of movement” and our ongoing population growth, which is providing companies with skilled graduates.”

The full survey is available at

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