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How prepared are you for your next career move?


In recent years the Irish Life Science sector has shown extremely strong growth with major investments from several large multinationals.  The sector makes an enormous contribution to the Irish economy, according to Enterprise Ireland, with the total Life Science sector exporting goods to a value of over €45 billion annually and employing more than 50,000 people. 

Currently there is a high demand for Quality professionals to support this growth in the Life Science sector.  Fastnet – The Talent Group® is recruiting for several Quality roles due to multiple career opportunities with clients nationwide.  We recently met with Siobhán Lane, Talent Consultant with our Quality & Laboratory team, to understand her role and how Quality professionals can prepare for their next career move. 

Siobhán has a Bachelor of Arts (History & Sociology) from University College Cork and a Master’s in International Relations (Diplomacy) from University of Reading.  Before joining Fastnet – The Talent Group® in 2018, Siobhán worked with several companies including Masterlink Logistics, Zazzle, Whistler Blackcomb and Millennium Hotel.  Her responsibilities included engaging with a variety of stakeholders, managing orders, resolving customer disputes, overseeing logistics, compiling reports, ensuring quality systems are adhered to, and liaising with cross functional teams.  

Siobhán, why did you decide to join Fastnet – The Talent Group®?

I spent five years working in a variety of roles focusing primarily on delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring operational standards were met, and then realised that I wanted to change focus.  Given the growth in the Life Science sector, I believed this was a good industry to work in.  In addition, I wanted to work in a company that had a dynamic and collaborative environment, where passion and a drive to succeed were rewarded. It was important for me to be part of a team where I could really make an impact on people’s lives.  Fastnet – The Talent Group® met all these needs.

Describe your role as a Talent Consultant

As a talent consultant it is my responsibility to source experienced candidates for client vacancies.  While doing this I rely on my research, administrative and communication skills to identify talent, assess ‘best fit’ with client roles, and work with HR or recruiters to attract and select exceptional talent for their organisations.

It is important that I have a good rapport with my candidates. I take the time to understand their long-term career aspirations and partner with them to create a ‘winning CV’.  Essentially, I closely manage a candidate’s process to ensure he / she is always well prepared and informed .  Importantly, I act as the voice behind their CV with employers.   


What are you enjoying most about your role?

The great thing about my role is that it is dynamic, interesting, fast-paced, challenging and flexible. I certainly have increased my knowledge of the Life Science market, working with one of Ireland’s leading Life Science recruitment consultancies.  Daily I help people realise their dreams. There is a great feeling of achievement when I place a candidate in a role he / she has been aspiring to achieve and know that that individual will be a good asset for the employer.  Most importantly, my colleagues are great.  They make the day fun, rewarding and certainly a great place to work.


What Top CV Tips would you give to candidates?

I receive CVs every day and the variety of style, content and tone is amazing.  Your CV is a very valuable asset to have.  It can be the decider between whether you get called for that coveted interview or cast aside! Below are some tips to consider when reviewing your CV.

  • It doesn’t take a lot of time to keep your CV updated, particularly if you are doing so on a regular basis. Allocating 30 minutes every month can be the difference between getting a polite No and landing your dream job!
  • Typically, your CV has a 2-minute window to make an impact so keep the layout clear and the information accessible. Make sure you get all the important information on your front page. 
  • Do not include text boxes as these affect the way CVs are uploaded onto various CRM systems.
What would you recommend candidates to do prior to an interview?

The job interview is an important meeting. Each participant will make judgments and decisions about the other. For the applicant, it is a chance to sell themselves and obtain first-hand knowledge of the position and the company.  For the recruiter, it is an opportunity to promote the position and the company to the applicants, as well as trying to establish their strengths and weaknesses.  Therefore, it is essential to prepare well in advance of an interview.

  • Research the company. Use the internet, papers, people who work there etc.   Find out as much as you can on the company structure, products, culture and philosophies.
  • Know who you’re meeting. Know the location for the interview and the names and job titles of your interviewers.  Check their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Research the Role. Read the job specification and make sure you are confident in how you can justify why you are the best candidate. Prepare the questions you will ask during the interview.
  • Know your CV.  Be able to expand upon your experience.  Have work related examples prepared to showcase your skills.

If you would like to learn more about our current Quality vacancies, please visit our vacancies page or contact Siobhán Lane at / +353 21 4670645.

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