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Growing your own talent is best way to ensure quality pipeline




To create a pipeline of new talent, recruit the right candidates and develop future team leads, Fastnet – The Talent Group has launched a unique ‘Grow Your Own’ Talent Programme to produce graduates.
As an innovative end to end talent and recruitment consultancy, the Fastnet graduate programme see’s graduates embarking upon a two year training course, developed to ‘grow’ talent for the company’s team over the short and long term.
The programme incorporates a six month on-boarding plan, covering all aspects of the Fastnet business, including creative use of social media, facilitation of client recruitment process , HR consultancy training, client and candidate partnering. Relationship management and ultimately sourcing talent and executive search.
All of the candidates spend year 1 in the Talent Acquisition division focused on Quality & Laboratory and year 2 on Engineering.
“Given the growth in demand for talent that we are seeing, we are leading by example and implementing our own talent acquisition strategy throughout ‘grow your own’ talent programme”, said Dave Barry, director of Fastnets innovative new Talent & Transformation division.
“Ensuring that employees are hired, managed, developed, engaged and retained in the best possible ways will have positive knock on impacts for every aspect of the business including performance, productivity and ultimately, profitability. We have established the talent and transformation division to partner with companies so that they can perform better and are more successful in the future”
He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development, current chair of CIPD Ireland, Southern Region and a graduate of University College Cork in HR, Economics and French.
Having previously helped companies like Eli Lilly and Trend Micro to attract and retain key resources, he now leads the division designed to exclusively service the role of talent management within multinational and indigenous companies. The division was created not just as a response to counter the growing challenge faced by companies to attract, but also to retain, the services of valued employees. 
“The main inspiration for this is the clients that Fastnet has been partnering with over a considerable period of time , but what is particularly innovative about it is mirroring the approach in SME’s and the recruitment talent space – something I haven’t heard of being done here before”
With offices in Dublin and cork, Fastnet-The Talent Group is already a leading recruitment provider, and whose new division is reflective of its strategic focus and consultative approach.
“Over recent years, the company has grown exponentially, and we are certainly back in the war for talent, so to speak, and often in sectors where the available pool of talent is quiet small” he said.
“Bringing in and growing our own talent to meet the needs of clients just made sense time-wise to formalise it through our Graduate Programme” he added.
Over the last number of weeks, Fastnet has welcomed two graduates to the Grow Your Own Programme, with Ryan Malone joining the Fastnet team from DIT, where he graduated with a BSc in Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry. He is now specialising in recruiting Quality & Laboratory professionals for clients in Pharma, Biopharma, Medical Device and the Food Agri sectors.
Sanathan Govender, a graduate of UCC and WIT with a Masters in Work and Organisational Psychology, joined the Engineering team this month.
“Over the course of a number of talent workshops that Ryan attended, he has already found suitable candidates for Fastnet clients – a represented a tangible outcome of the programme already being seen. Sanathan has only joined very recently, but will hopefully contribute in a similar fashion. There are plans for similar additions like them in 2018”
Fastnet has experienced significant growth over the last number of years and continues to expand its team across the Cork and Dublin footprint. 
“One of the biggest challenges facing industry is the skills shortage, and retention of employees has become key to growth. The challenge for employers is to optimise talent management outcomes in how they attract, manage, develop and engage their people. The company’s rebranding in 2016 form Fastnet Recruitment to Fastnet – the Talent Group came about form trends during the downturn, where even though there wasn’t that much recruiting going on, clients were keen to tap into more ‘end to end’ talent management more than just acquisition. Now, with the economy clearly back, it is not just about attracting, but about retaining.
“This is where initiatives like the Talent & Transformation division and the Grow Your Own Graduate Talent Programme emerged from – designed for a longer term perspective other than just recruitment, but accompanying our clients on the whole journey” 


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