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Employee Spotlight: Ian Heald at APC






Ian Heald
Project Manager at APC

APC was created out of a passion for science and research. In 2011, Dr. Mark Barrett and Prof. Brian Glennon of the UCD School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering in Dublin, Ireland, embarked on a mission to disrupt the pharma and biotech industries with a hyper-focused, accelerated approach to drug process development. Foregoing outside investment, APC has grown organically to become a global powerhouse in process development, partnering with companies large and small to bring medicines to market at unprecedented speed. We caught up with Ian Heald to learn more about the employee experience at APC.

  • As a Scientist with 20+ years experience, what appeals to you about APC?

The range and magnitude of the science I’m involved with. I’ve a wide background in both primary and secondary manufacturing but in my five years here at APC I’ve seen more pharmaceutical development than ever, and I’ve regularly seen the direct impact of my work on the availability of new medicines for patients.

  • How is APC different to other companies you have worked in?

The energy, it’s infectious. I’ve worked within larger pharma companies and there is an inertia that can be present at so many levels.  At APC I get to work with some incredible people at all stages of their careers and throughout it all everyone is pulling together with a passion.  It was a lovely culture shock when I arrived, and it can still catch me out even now.

  • How has your career progressed since you joined APC?

Pretty good, I started as an analytical development scientist and was promoted to a senior role after two years. This was a nice shift in focus from day-to-day technical details to a more strategic outlook and development. I’ve just made the switch into project management as a natural progression in the skills I’ve developed throughout my career and especially here at APC. The company continues to grow, and new opportunities keep presenting themselves.

  • Looking back on the last five years of your career, what’s the highlight?

I must pick two. Professionally, it would be successfully delivering a massive formulation development stability project on time and in budget. I loved the immense satisfaction of the completed final report and complimentary feedback from the client.

Personally, being awarded the Peer to Peer award; a peer nominated award for embodying the company’s cultural pillars. It was totally unexpected and really meant a lot to me.


  • What advice would you give to young Engineers and Scientists looking to join APC?

Keep learning, keep yourself open to new challenges and apply.  It’s an exciting time to be in Ireland as the pharma industry is booming and APC is leading the way in many different fields. It’s a very social, hard working environment that rewards people that go that extra mile.

For more information on developing your career with APC, get in touch with Claire:

Claire McGuckin
Senior Client Partner
Project Lead (APC)



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