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Fastnet Embraces New Video Technology for Best in Class Inhouse Production


In recent years, all digital and social media platforms have realised the power of video for their audiences. They have incorporated video as a key format to disseminate key information fast, and a tool to attract the attention of their audiences.  Video is by far the best format for engagement, reach and raising corporate brand standards in marketing.

With the increase of video consumption online, Fastnet’s Marketing team looked at the market place and our competitive set in the Recruitment industry. We identified quickly that other classified industry sectors, such as Cars and Property, were gaining immense traction from the use of multi-media on their websites and on Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter.

The real challenge was to source how could we find a solution that would be easy to replicate the video production process inhouse.  Laura Curtin, Marketing Manager, conducted an industry review and saw the opportunity that was presented to the business.

We quickly recognised the power of video as an online format. When you can make that production seamless in an integrated process, then we have a valuable solution for both our clients and our candidates.  Anyone can produce a “standalone video” on individual platforms, but it’s the time to cross share and populate this video asset, in an easy production method with coherent standard, that sets this apart.   It was then we reached out to ImageConsole LTD as we had seen that they had great experience with data feed integrated solutions.” is an Irish company that has developed an easy and efficient way to capture and process advert videos.  They appear on all our selected host sites using one fast and user-friendly internet connected device.  The remote device is integrated with Fastnet's job posting and marketing systems to easily capture and process video. These can either be “Web” videos for public host sites, “Customer” videos sent by email and SMS or “Team” videos to use for internal inter office messages or marketing events.

Commenting on the partnership with Fastnet Joe Kavanagh, Director Digital Solutions ImageConsole, said “We are delighted to have completed this solution on behalf of the great team at Fastnet - The Talent Group. It is all about saving time, along with affording our clients a consistency of adverts in line with their corporate branding”.

This approach reaffirms Fastnet’s desire to remain a leader in the Recruitment industry. This video solution brings our talent consultants’ individual personalities to the candidates in each video and personalises the candidates contact with our talent consultants. This is an exciting approach for Fastnet, through the offering of new formats and digital presence.

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