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Fastnet Colleagues Go Behind The Scenes In NIBRT


Gaining a good understanding of a bioprocessing pilot plant and learning about its extensive upstream, downstream, fill-finish and the associated analytical facilities were top of the list for our Fastnet colleagues when they recently visited the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) in Dublin.

John Milne, Director of Training gave a good insight into NIBRT and the biopharma industry while Robert Byrne and Stephen McCann gave a comprehensive and indepth tour of the facilities, which are all operated in a realistic GMP simulated, operational manufacturing environment. Our team gained a great insight into the services provided by NIBRT.

This tour proved to be very beneficial to our colleagues as they learnt all about NIBRT's biopharma processes including upstream, downstream and fill finish.  This was a great opportunity for them to understand how the purpose-built, multi-functional building replicates the most modern industrial bioprocessing facility.

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