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Employee Spotlight: Leticia Martins Mota at APC


APC was created out of a passion for science and research. In 2011, Dr. Mark Barrett and Prof. Brian Glennon of the UCD School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering in Dublin, Ireland, embarked on a mission to disrupt the pharma and biotech industries with a hyper-focused, accelerated approach to drug process development. Foregoing outside investment, APC has grown organically to become a global powerhouse in process development, partnering with companies large and small to bring medicines to market at unprecedented speed. We caught up with Process Development Scientist Leticia Martins Mota to learn more about the employee experience at APC.


  • As a Scientist starting off in your career. What appealed to you about APC?

When I was finishing my PhD, I was looking for a place to work where I could keep applying my passion for science/research in biotherapeutics and see the result of my work applied in the real world, reaching patients, and having a positive impact on their lives. APC offered me not only that opportunity, but also the chance to work in innovative projects using cutting edge technology. As a pharmacist and scientist, that is extremely rewarding.

  • How is APC different to other companies you have worked in?

One major aspect that makes APC standout from other companies is the people. People that work at APC are highly knowledgeable in their areas, are cooperative and always open to help others. I think the teamwork that is part of APC culture not only contributes to a faster delivery of results to the clients, but also helps us to develop professionally because we have the chance to learn from our colleagues. The high-level technical discussions to solve challenging problems make the work exciting. Not to mention the extraordinary support from the management team, which makes the work a lot more fluid and enjoyable.

  • How has your career progressed since you joined APC?

Since I joined APC in February 2022, I have worked in different dynamic projects. Because of that, I have been having the opportunity to further develop my skills in a very fast pace. Not only have I upskilled in bioprocessing development, but also in complex problem solving, in mentorship, and in oral and written communication, including role-specific documentation and presentations to a variety of stakeholder audiences. One differential of APC is that employees have “advance individual development and performance plans”, along with the guidance of our line managers, we can work on the development of our careers according to our preferences. Because APC business is constantly expanding, we have copious amounts of opportunities to grow professionally while supporting the growth of the company, in a symbiotic relationship.

  • What has been the highlight during your time at APC so far?

The highlight of my time at APC is having worked on the development of a more efficient and cost-effective process to produce a lifesaving biotherapeutic. With all the savings from the new process, patients will gain access to this therapeutic in developing parts of the world at a cost that makes this possible. The satisfaction of seeing our work making an impact on a global scale is priceless.

  • What advice would you give to young Engineers and Scientists looking to join APC?

Firstly, I would advise them to figure out what is their passion, what inspires them to wake up every day and keep moving forward and where they envision themselves professionally. Then, according to those answers, apply to a role at APC that matches with their professional plans. Prepare for the interview process, do not be afraid to talk to people that work here to clarify your curiosities about the work, and keep learning. Working at APC, specially at the early stage of your career, is a great opportunity to learn in a high-level supportive environment, where you will see the impact of your work and have the chance for career development.

For more information on developing your career with APC, get in touch with Claire:

Claire McGuckin
Senior Client Partner
Project Lead (APC)



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