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Employee Spotlight: Hitendra Kansagra at APC


APC was created out of a passion for science and research. In 2011, Dr. Mark Barrett and Prof. Brian Glennon of the UCD School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering in Dublin, Ireland, embarked on a mission to disrupt the pharma and biotech industries with a hyper-focused, accelerated approach to drug process development. Foregoing outside investment, APC has grown organically to become a global powerhouse in process development, partnering with companies large and small to bring medicines to market at unprecedented speed. We caught up with Upstream Team Manager, Hitendra Kansagra to learn more about the employee experience at APC.

  • As a Scientist, what appealed to you about APC?

I came to know about APC when I was looking for change in my professional career. I see this opportunity to contribute to a forward thinking, fast paced and innovative company where APC support to “Accelerate Medicine” to patients where I feel proud working in such an Innovative organisation. I believe my previous experience got impeccable working with APC.

  • How did APC help with the challenges of re-locating?

I believe, it was a huge challenge to the APC talent acquisition team to deal with Covid 19 restrictions and it slowed down the immigration process to onboard an expat. APC dealt with this kind of unforeseen situation with full transparency and honesty. APC sponsored me to apply and obtain a work permit in a reasonable time frame and provided huge support to find accommodation, which is a real pain in Ireland, and getting other government related documentation which is highly appreciable.

  • How is APC different to other companies you have worked in?

Working culture and diversity! Every working day is different than the other where I have enjoyed brain storming, troubleshooting and problem solving.I have worked with other larger biopharma organisations where the role has limitations, but I haven’t seen any boundaries and/or barrier to develop professionally and bring ideas to higher management. We at APC are working with many clients where diversity plays a major role in trust building and value delivery. APC has a unique talent pool and creative brains with high quality expertise to serve value to our clients. I would say APC/VLE is a one shop solution for biopharma companies to get relieved of their complex process problems.

  • How has your career progressed since you joined APC?

I joined APC as a “Senior Bioprocess Scientist” in Aug 2021 and I am currently serving as an “Upstream Team Lead” to support wider projects and people. I would say it was a step up in my professional career to be part of the leadership team within one year of service. APC continues to grow and provide opportunities to me to grow alongside.

  • What has been the highlight during your time at APC so far?

There are many highlights to speak on but for me, what is very important and perceptible is working with multi modalities process under one roof. I am working for clients who deliver high quality and cost-effective medicine to patients. We at APC support our clients to produce those medicines for patients to get a cure from ill health which makes me prouder and more responsible. Impact is visible!

  • What advice would you give to young Engineers, Scientists and Quality specialists looking to re-locate from overseas and join APC?

Come and join us! APC is expanding very fast in terms of employment and revenue growth. Learning and development will never end! APC will give you opportunities to learn new things and develop your skills every day, minute, and second. I strongly believe, APC is one of the most admired companies in Ireland for creative brains to start with their professional career.


For more information on developing your career with APC, get in touch with Claire:

Claire McGuckin
Senior Client Partner
Project Lead (APC)




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