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Considering a Career in Dublin, Why not choose the Biopharmaceutical sector?


Considering a Career in Dublin, Why not choose the Biopharmaceutical sector?


Have you been thinking about a career move lately but not sure what to consider? There are now more opportunities than ever in Ireland with a booming life sciences industry that is set to grow even further. This is particularly good news for anyone who is thinking of relocating to Dublin or better yet already living there. Over the past 10 years the Biopharmaceutical industry has made a capital investment of over $8 billion in new facilities in Ireland which represents some of the biggest investment in new Biotech facilities globally.


Thinking of how you can make the transition?

Whether you are a Senior Engineer or a graduate there are opportunities of all levels. Equally for anyone who is thinking of studying a relevant course to move into this industry there are options available such as springboard courses and training centres. Dublin has become a hotspot for Biopharmaceutical growth with training centres such as NIBRT (The National Institute of Bioprocess Research and Training) set up in 2013 which provides training to thousands of students who wish to pursue a career in the Biopharmaceutical industry.


Why Consider Dublin as a location?

Dublin is already home to a number of Biopharmaceutical multinationals such as Amgen, Pfizer, GSK, Bristol Myers Squibb, Alexion and Abbvie who have generated billions in exports to the global market and boosted the Irish economy significantly. This in itself is attractive to anyone who is thinking about making a move into the industry and this growth is continuing to rise with SK Biotek, a South Korean multinational company with a global revenue of €99.7 billion recently acquiring the BMS API facility in Swords, Dublin. Over 360 staff have already transitioned to SK Biotek and there are progressive growth plans in place to become a top tier global contract manufacturing firm by 2020 creating more jobs and revenue for the Irish economy.  Another global giant, MSD have announced a €280 million nationwide expansion in Biologics and Vaccines with mega projects in the pipeline for Leinster and over 100 job opportunities announced.


What if I’m not an Engineer?

For those who may be reading this that are interested in the industry but don’t have the Engineering degree, not to worry! Many multinationals are also creating job opportunities outside of production by setting up Corporate Offices in Dublin such as Theravance Biopharma, a US multinational specializing in acute care for major and renal diseases who announced 30 new job opportunities across Finance, Clinical Development, and Technical Operations in November 2017. There is also set to be growth across Abbvie and MSD Dublin based offices for 2018.

Here at Fastnet The Talent Group, we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest industry news and offering our candidates the latest hot jobs. If you are hoping to progress your career within the Life Sciences industry, take a look at our open opportunities within the Engineering space on the Fastnet website. Contact us today for a fully confidential conversation or arrange an appointment in our Dublin or Cork office.


Author : Leonie Kierans

Senior Talent Consultant


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