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The Fastnet HR & Talent Management Services team partner with clients in order to support their HR needs on a project, interim or periodic basis, as required.

This solution is tailored to the needs of the organisation and can include:

Employer Branding

In the current war for talent, organisations need to set themselves apart from their competitors in order to attract top talent. This can be achieved by developing a strong Employee Value Proposition, a compelling answer to the question ‘Why would a highly talented person choose to work here?’. Fastnet can work with organisations to develop this unique value proposition in order to attract and retain top talent.

Onboarding Programme Development / Support

Onboarding is a key step to engaging and retaining talent. 54% of organizations see increased new hire productivity and 50% higher retention rates for new hires when a standardized onboarding process is in place. Fastnet can support in the development, implementation and roll out of tailored onboarding programmes to suit organisation requirements.

Competency Framework Development

Competency frameworks can serve many purposes within an organisation, including optimising how talent is selected from a recruitment perspective and as a tool utilised within performance management. Fastnet can support organisations in developing and integrating competency frameworks centrally within the business for optimised organisational performance.

HR Policies & Procedures

HR policies and procedures provide structure, control, consistency, fairness and reasonableness. Fastnet can support organisations in the design or review of HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment legislation, inform employees of their responsibilities and the Company's expectations.


Performance management is perceived as a critical process of organizational effectiveness due to the strong correlation between knowledge workers and overall organisational performance. At present, it is becoming increasingly prevalent that a necessary shift away from a rule and planning based system is needed, toward a simpler and faster model driven by feedback from all participants. Fastnet can support the development of a future focused, feedback orientated model to support individual employees and organisational performance.

Development & Succession Planning

When used strategically, and aligned with effective performance management, learning and development can enhance productivity and performance and, ultimately, increase staff commitment and loyalty. This must be supported from a business contextual perspective by immersing prospective leaders in a workplace that supports leadership development objectives. With just over one fifth of individuals who are considering looking for a new job motivated by promotion opportunities elsewhere and 33% of employees feel they are unlikely to fulfil their career aspirations internally, it is crucial for organisations to amplify career development opportunities for existing employees and Fastnet can support in these endeavours.


Corporate communication involves effective communication with all key stakeholders, internal and external, to maintain strong relationships and to allow for organisational success. Effective corporate communication is vital for building internal trust and transparency. Ultimately, communication is a core aspect of employee engagement which results in increased performance, retention and wellness. Fastnet can assist organisations in devising a communications plan that will support these outcomes.

Reward & Recognition

An effective total reward strategy stems from the organisations culture, business and HR strategies, and serves to attract, motivate and retain talent, leading to increased business performance and results. Likewise, it has been suggested that recognition has become one of the most critical strategic people management tools to allow organisations to attract, motivate and retain talent and could be the untapped resource organisations require to improve business outcomes. Fastnet can support in devising a reward and recognition strategy in order to attract talent to and retain talent within the organisation.

Jennifer O'Brien

Senior HR & Talent Management Consultant

 + 353 21 4509200

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