Established in 1999, Fastnet Recruitment quickly formed strong relationships with clients, which have evolved and developed over time in response to the growing need for organisational flexibility & agility. Sourcing and attracting top talent continues to be a priority, but how talent is deployed is key.


Particularly in recent years, our clients often asked us “in addition to Recruitment, Executive Search and Contract Solutions partnering, could we work together on employer brand, performance management, employee coaching, company communications, reward & recognition etc?”


These requests from clients lead to our strategic rebranding to Fastnet – The Talent Group in 2016, and the creation of a dedicated Talent & Transformation division. This new division is primarily focused on the talent management people strategies of our clients i.e. in those organisations, how employees are:


  • Hired
  • Managed
  • Developed
  • Engaged and
  • Retained


Much experience and research has proven that companies who approach talent management in a strategic “end-to-end” way are the most successful ones. Ensuring that employees are hired, managed, developed, engaged and retained in the best possible ways will have positive knock-on impacts for each of these pieces, and build up to similar overall benefit for the organisation.


From a people perspective, depending on what is most critical for our clients, we work together on figuring out what is happening, improving all, and most importantly, keeping everything that way. Based on initial conversations we have with our clients, one or more of the following Talent & Transformation solutions may apply:      


1.  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)/Brand, if the identified urgent need is around hiring


2.  Talent Management – if an end-to-end assessment is deemed required to really explore each of hiring, managing, developing, engaging & retaining, and subsequently improve all with validated solutions   


3.  Career Transition & Outplacement Services – if internal career coaching, or redundancy/retirement-related preparation for external is the clear immediate need  


The Fastnet Talent & Transformation Team

Steered by Director Dave Barry’s extensive talent, HR and organisation development experience (particularly Eli Lilly and Trend Micro), the Fastnet Talent & Transformation team utilises a collaborative, data-driven and organisational Lean Six Sigma approach, focused on sustainment. Assisting you drive even more leadership capability, workforce performance & productivity, and engagement & wellbeing, is truly our passion.


As a “taster” of our solutions, we run introductory Talent & Transformation presentations, workshops or training, each tailored to your organisation and talent management scenarios. We can also facilitate ‘pulse’ focus groups, 1:1s and/or surveys.  


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