Why Hire Graduates

By: Rachel Owens | Posted on: 11 Jan 2018

Why Hire Graduates


Here at Fastnet we pride ourselves and have built our company around our 3 core values.


        Integrity          Partnering- The Fastnet Way       Entrepreneurial Spirit


So, when it comes to searching for new talent for our offices in Dublin & Cork these 3 factors play a huge role in the recruitment process.

“We believe in ‘growing our own’ Over the past twenty years our most successful consultants have been people who started here as recent graduates”  Niamh O’ Driscoll, managing partner. “With the amount of well educated, enthusiastic graduates in Ireland it only makes sense to start our own graduate programme here at Fastnet, tailoring it to suit the needs of both the company and the individuals”

We recently launched our very own 'Grow Your Own Graduate' Programme and currently have two graduates working with the Engineering and Quality & Laboratory Units covering all aspects of talent management, HR and marketing. Already this programme is proving to be a great success and we are now seeking two more graduates to join our team early this year. 

"Ryan and Sana have been a great addition to the Fastnet Team. They have helped me brainstorm new ideas and creative ways to market our brand and the company. After only a few months they have already settled in to the Fastnet way of life and I look forward to partnering with them on projects in the future" Rachel Owens, PA & Marketing Specialist at Fastnet. 

So here it is, why we hire graduates and why we believe all organisations, whether they are global giants or local SME’s should consider a graduate programme for the future development of their company.


1. Quick learners who adapt well

Graduates live in a world that is ever changing and they have developed skills to deal with all these rapid changes. They enjoy taking on new challenges and are quick to adapt to new projects as well as create their own innovative ideas and strategies.


2. Comfortable with new technology and open to new trends

When it comes to technology millennials always seem to be one step ahead of the game. They have grown up in a world where smart phones, computers and software have led the way in innovation and adaptation. Graduates are up to date with the latest tech trends and are always very hands on when it comes to using applications, social media and other digital marketing applications and software.


3.Solid business skills

Graduates fresh out of college have adapted and developed skills in communication, time management and networking. Soft skills are just as important as a degree qualification, so a graduate whom not only shines academically but also in soft skills is the key find!


4.Ready to mould

Graduates are enthusiastic and have a keen willingness to learn. They like to be mentored and enjoy learning tricks of the trade from people they aspire to be. They are adaptable and have no bad working habits. They are perfect to bring into a company with strong core values and a culture as they will soon fit in and adapt to the way of working and the companies ethos.


5.They are the future of your company

Hiring the right graduate is a great way to secure your company’s future. If you provide your graduate with a clear career path and milestones in which to achieve you could be creating and moulding future managers, shareholders and business partners!



Keep in Touch to gain valuable information from our own Graduates Ryan & Sana on top tips on looking for the right Graduate programme for you & what to expect working as a graduate in Recruitment & Talent Management. 


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